Watching “One Piece” For The First Time (Part 7): Fish-Man Island | Column from the Editor

Last year, I started watching “One Piece,” and I started documenting my journey getting through the show on InReview’s TikTok page. You can watch my previous batch of “One Piece” TikToks here. This batch covers the show’s Fish-Man Island arc. I only got through one major arc this month, as I needed a break after the trauma that happened at Marineford.

Hot take: Usopp would have beaten Luffy if he had sea prism stone at their fight at Water 7 (even a pair of handcuffs):


Hot take for Usopp and Luffy’s fight in One Piece’s Water 7 arc: Usopp would’ve won if he had sea prism stone. #Usopp #MonkeyDLuffy #OnePiece #UsoppVsLuffy #seaprismstone #Water7#greenscreen

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

Discussing how the Fish-Man Island arc portrays racism and generational trauma, as well as the relationship between the two:


How One Piece’s Fish-Man Island Arc portrays racism, ignorance and generational trauma. #OnePiece #FishManIslandArc #OnePieceFishManIsland #SunPirates #FisherTiger #QueenOtohime

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

After seeing his backstory in the Fish-Man Island arc, Arlong was not justified for his treatment of humans in Arlong Park:


Arlong was not justified in his oppression of Nami’s home island, even after his backstory in the Fish-Man Island arc. #OnePiece #Arlong #ArlongPark #FishManIsland #SunPirates

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

Koala’s time with the Sun Pirates has parallels and foils to Nami’s time as an Arlong Pirate:


Koala’s Fish-Man Island arc backstory has parallels to Nami’s relationship with Arlong in Arlong Park in One Piece. #OnePiece #ArlongPark #Arlong #Koala #Nami #FisherTiger #SunPirates #ArlongPirates

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

Why the “back to zero” blood transfusion scene in the Fish-Man Island arc is one of the series’ most brilliant moments:


My reaction to “Going back to zero,” the blood transfusion scene in One Piece’s Fish-Man Island arc. #OnePiece #FishManIsland #Jimbei #MonkeyDLuffy #Backto0

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

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