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InReview is a dedicated site for entertainment reporting, critique and commentary of the highest quality. We’re into articles and videos that create discussions and challenge ideas.

Who We Are

Mitchell Chapman | Executive Editor/Site Owner

Mitchell Chapman is the editor and owner of InReview. When he’s not writing and editing for InReview, he works fulltime as the Night News Editor for The Berkshire Eagle, a daily local newspaper based in Pittsfield, Mass., which he’s worked at since 2016. He’s a graduate from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where he served as its student trustee, editor-in-chief of its student newspaper, The Beacon, president of its film club and campus correspondent for its chapter of Her Campus.

Andrew J. Baillargeon | Managing Editor

A diehard gamer, sports fan, politically active and a passionate writer. Andrew is a 2019 graduate from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where he received a bachelor’s degree in English/Communications. He’s a heavy competitive gamer during his free time. He’s an aspiring play-by-play commentator in the professional sports world, and also great at hosting sports talk shows and Avid video editing. Previously, he’s been a sports columnist for the MCLA Beacon, color commentator for the Pittsfield Suns, vice president and radio show host for WJJW 91.1 FM, staff writer and events coordinator for MCLA’s chapter of Her Campus, the vice president and executive editor of Cleveland Sports Talk, a district manager for The Berkshire Eagle and was InReview’s Gaming Section Editor for four years.

Alexis Stewart | Film Critic

Alexis Stewart is a film critic for InReview. She is a sharp critic, a sucker for clever writing, and a political junkie. She has graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in English/Communications and has fiction writing published in MCLA’s Spires and Speculative 66. Previously, she’s been the opinion section editor for MCLA’s chapter of Her Campus, and was vice president of the college’s Film Club.

Poonguzhali Arularasu | Literature Critic

Poonguzhali Arularasu is primarily the literature critic for InReview and likes to review movies and shows at times as well. Born, brought-up and currently residing in India, she aims to bring her perspective and viewpoints to a different kind of audience. An engineering graduate, she started her career as an IT professional and left that job to move on to the more adventurous journey of being a stay-at-home-mother. She’s always been a voracious reader, she started watching lots of international shows and movies during her time at home. This blog is her way of indulging her newfound love for writing, while talking about things she knows about and has enjoyed. She also aims to introduce good Indian/Pakistani/Korean content to the people reading this blog, opening all new kinds of worlds and cultures to them.

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