A Light And Quick Romance | “So It Goes” by Jennifer Probst (2022) Book Review

“So It Goes” is the story of Malia Evergreen and her romance with her former client, Palmer Matterson. Malia is one of the founders of an online magazine she runs with her friends and is in charge of its advertising department. Palmer, who is a CEO of a wedding company, is a client she has never liked, especially his overbearing, egotistical manner. When she decides to leave her role to lead a charity run by her company, she takes great pleasure informing Palmer that she won’t see him again.

What she doesn’t know is that Palmer had always had a thing for her and he intentionally acted differently to get get her attention. Though Malia doesn’t want to meet him again, a chance encounter at one of the charities her organization supports sets off them on a journey of mutual understanding and acceptance.

I loved the premise of four female friends teaming up to create an organization from the ground level. I also found Malia to be an interesting independent character. However, I can’t say I agreed with her all the time; there were times I felt her to be too stuck in her ways with little room for personal growth. Palmer, however, is a much more likable character who is quite charming and intelligent. He can be slow to catch on emotionally, but I really loved the way his character progresses throughout the story.

I felt the story could have been hastened in certain places and the pacing more tight. However, though wearing and slow at times, I did like the journey these two have on their way to each other. One of the factors I loved the most about this book is the secondary characters who appear throughout it, namely the Malia’s siblings; they were an interesting bunch. I wouldn’t mind reading stories about them, too.

Overall, this book makes for a light and quick romantic read.

This book gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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