Droid Detectives | “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” Season 3: Episode 6 “Guns for Hire” Review

With Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sakhoff) chosen as the one who will bridge Din Djarin’s (Pedro Pascal) coven of Mandalorians with other groups, she must now re-win over her former group of Mandalorians in order to get them onboard to retake their homeworld of Mandalore.

But first, they must go on a side quest to solve a series of droid malfunctions on a utopian world in the Outer Rim, which has contracted Bo-Katan’s former group. The planet’s leaders, played by Jack Black and Lizzo, offer to petition the New Republic to recognize Mandalore as a world if they help them.


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They agree, which leads them to cross paths with the planet’s head of security, played by Christopher Lloyd. The celebrity cameos in this episode are quite distracting, but Lloyd’s character is the least so, probably because he has a character to play.

Their search leads them to a droid bar, which is actually very cooperative, after which they learn that a fluid injected with nanodroids is responsible for the malfunctions. A lot of the droids on the planet were former Clone Wars-era battle droids repurposed for civilian life, and the nanodroids make them revert back to their previous programming, exactly like what happened to IG-11 in the beginning of this season.

Afterwards, Bo-Katan fights Axe Woves (Simon Mario Kassianides) for control of her former group of Mandalorians and wins. Through some mental gymnastics, Din gives her the Darksaber, too, which clears the way for their recovery of Mandalore.

This was an OK episode elevated by great fight scenes. Particularly, a great scene in which Din and Bo-Katan chase down a Super Battle Droid and the Bo-Katan/Axe fight make this episode well worth the price of admission. However, three big celebrity cameos in one episode so close together was a bit distracting, and did take me out of it. Lloyd’s character also could have been fleshed out a bit more, as well as taken more seriously; he is treated like a joke, but I think that there was real opportunity to deliver a complex dramatic character. Lloyd was undoubtedly chosen because of his role in “Back to the Future,” but I think Lloyd’s range as an actor is routinely overlooked, with this episode being another example of that.

As a whole, this was a throwaway filler episode with some moments that stick out.

“Star Wars: The Mandalorian” Season 3: Episode 6 “Guns for Hire” gets an 8/10

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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