My Journey Discovering That The One Piece Is Real (Part 4): Thriller Bark Through The Start Of The Sabaody Archipelago Arc | Column from the Editor

Last year, I started watching “One Piece,” and I started documenting my journey getting through the show on InReview’s TikTok page. You can watch my previous batch of “One Piece” TikToks here. This batch goes through all of the Thriller Bark arc through the start of the The Sabaody Archipelago arc.

My reaction to Thriller Bark’s zombie mechanic:


My reaction to One Piece’s Thriller Bark zombie mechanic. #OnePiece #GeckoMoria #MonkeyDLuffy#greenscreen

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

My thoughts on the World Government’s endorsement of Gecko Moria, despite the fact that he desecrates graves and steals corpses:


My thoughts on the World Government’s endorsement of Gecko Moria after watching One Piece’s Thriller Bark arc.

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

My reaction to Duval’s “handsome Squidward” resolution:


One Piece pulled the Handsome Squidward card in the Sabaody Archipalego arc with Duval’s story.

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

I go over early “One Piece” villains and theorize how far they would have gotten had they not run into the Straw Hat Pirates:


What would happen if early One Piece villains won?

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

My reaction when I find out I’m over 100 episodes — and one timeskip — away from the Fish-Man Island arc:


My reaction after finding out I have 120 episodes and a time skip before I reach Fishman Island in One Piece. #Pain#greenscreen

♬ original sound – InReview

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