A Light Read You Can Pick Up At Your Leisure | “A Wedding at Sandy Cove” by Bella Osborne (2022) Book Review

“A Wedding at Sandy Cove” by Bella Osborne, published during July 2022, is a light read. Apparently this book was initially written as a four-part series and has been compiled into a single book.

The book opens with the principal female character, Ella, who is a seamstress who specializes in alterations of wedding gowns, as she juggles handling clients coming in for fittings and meeting with new potential clients, all while trying and failing to get it across to her employer that she already has more work than she can handle. We then meet her commitment-phobic friend Lucy and about-to-be-married friend Brittany. Both Lucy and Brittany try to get Ella to agree to a blind date set up by Brittany, in order to bring her out of the slump she has been in ever since she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend Todd.

However, things don’t go as planned during the date. Just as she discovers that her dad is on an intimate date with a woman who is not her mom, she meets Kit O’Leary, the son of the woman her father is dating and is having an affair with. This meeting precipitates a series of events that lead Ella onto a road of self-discovery and wisdom. Interspersed within her story is Lucy’s — seeing one of her friends getting married and another on the path of love makes her question herself about the kind of life she is living and if it might be worth taking a little risk in her love life.

Through these very real, true-to-life characters, Osborne gives the readers a window into life as it is for many women, making them question themselves and their priorities in life, helping them reach within and explore all the unrealized potential they might have. In fact, it felt like reading a slice-of-life story. It’s not that long a book but the story felt long, mainly because of the detailed portrayal of the courtships of Ella and Kit. I feel like those could have been trimmed a bit. In fact, it was Lucy’s story which kept me hooked on the book — her strange situation with the job she had recently taken on and even her feisty nature captured my interest substantially.

This book is the perfect choice if you are looking for something very light that you can pick up at your leisure. This book gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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