Looking Back At 2022 | Column from the Editor

2022 has come to an end — though mentally, I still feel like I’m in 2021.

This year, the site has taken leaps and bounds. Our overall viewership on this domain grew by 10 percent, though it has been eclipsed by our TikTok account, which has garnered approximately 83,000 combined views since we launched it at the end of last summer. The TikTok and website brought in a combined 160,000 views — the most we’ve ever had. When I launched the website in 2018, we didn’t even crack 1,000 views for the year.

We’ve had strong pieces from our three editors and writers, Andrew Baillargeon, Alexis Stewart and Poonguzhali Arularasu, as well as some guest posts and guest writers who’ve appeared on the site over the past year. All in all, InReview has been an excellent team effort and I hope that we’re able to reach even greater heights this year.

Personally and professionally, I had a lot going on in 2022. I celebrated four years together with my girlfriend, who is quite literally the wind beneath my sails and is the best person I’ve ever known. I hope to explore new places with her in 2023, having some great new adventures and making irreplaceable memories, like the ones we made on our weeklong trip to Bridgeport, Conn., over the summer.

I was also promoted to weekend news editor at The Berkshire Eagle, where I work fulltime and also serve as a columnist. One of my columns even got regional acclaim, winning first place for best commentary at the New England Newspaper & Press Association’s Better Newspaper Competition — the first NENPA with my name on it, though I have contributed to many other NENPA awards The Eagle has won over the years, such as its first place wins in best overall design and presentation and best sports section as a page designer and editor.

I also published my last issue of my fraternity’s annual alumni magazine, which I’ve put together for the last four years. After all this time, I felt like I’ve done all that I’ve wanted to do with it, and that it was the right moment to step down and give someone else the opportunity to inject their unique vision into it, as well as focus on other projects and goals myself.

For InReview, I hope to grow the site and our TikTok even more — we might even experiment with different content formats and other social media platforms. Other than TikTok, we’re currently on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I’d also like to bring more writers on in the coming year. If you’re interested, send me an email through this form. That page also explains in-depth the type of content we’re looking for and the various frequencies of commitment we’re looking for.

Thank you, from everyone here at InReview, for your continued readership. Here’s to another year of writing the best entertainment content we can offer you.

Onward, to the rest of 2023!


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