A Cleverly-Written, Moody Psychological Thriller | “The Serial Killer’s Daughter” by Alice Hunter (2011) Book Review

“The Serial Killer’s Daughter” by Alice Hunter is the sequel to her wonderful “The Serial Killer’s Wife.” I loved the first book and was interested in seeing if the author managed to create the same magic found in the first book. I must say she has exceeded my highest expectations and quite marvelously too.

This book tells the story of veterinary surgeon Jenny whose life goes into disarray when a woman is abducted in broad daylight from the village pub. The fact that this woman is Olivia, the person she suspected her husband was having an affair with the previous year, becomes only one of the many bizarre things happening both around and to her. Most importantly, she has hidden an important truth from the people in the village and is terrified that everyone will suspect her of many misdeeds, including this abduction. From this point starts a thrilling, fast-paced and sometimes convoluted story, which immerses us into twisted mind games and keeps us guessing to the end.

The story is mostly filled with people whom you may not commonly come across in your life. Many of them have something to hide; they keep to themselves and have only the appearance of friendly relationships with those around them. However, Hunter’s narrative pulls us into these people’s lives and makes us feel like we are living in this community — uncomfortably so (Even the thought of it gives me the chills). And this is what makes her an exemplary writer in my opinion.

The ending was quite surprising; there were a few unexpected details added in it, for the layman to understand the intricate nuances of the story and its characters. These details give a pronounced texture to the pivotal characters.

Overall, I had a great reading experience with the book. In fact, I liked it much more than the previous book and I can’t wait to see what this author does next. Be sure to check this book out if you are looking for a fast and moody psychological thriller.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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