Remembrance Item Tier List For “Elden Ring” | Column from the Editor

There are a total of fifteen Remembrance in this game, giving two rewards apiece. Today’s piece intends to rank them, starting with the worst and going to the best, with very brief descriptions explaining their ranking. It is going to be a tier list, starting with the “E” tier and eventually ending up at the “S” tier. Without further ado, let’s begin.

E Tier

Regal Omen Bairn (Morgott) – A mediocre usable item that takes much more FP than it will ever be worth. Completely worthless in PvE and PvP.

Bastard’s Stars (Astel) – Flails in Elden Ring suck, and this thing’s Ash of War is merely decent. No reason to use this over a myriad of better Intelligence weapons.

Ancestral Spirit’s Horn (Regal Ancestral Spirit)- A mediocre talisman that doesn’t provide enough value to be worth one of your four slots.

Winged Greathorn (Regal Ancestor Spirit)- Crappy moveset, poor stats, no status affliction and a mediocre Ash of War. Maybe one of the worst Greataxes in the entire game, and Greataxes already suck as is.

D Tier

Death Lightning (Fortisaxx)- It does a lot of damage, which is a shame because it’s impossible to hit anything consistently with it due to its erratic aim. It also costs a lot of FP to cast.

Giant’s Red Braid (Fire Giant)- This is a shame, because this weapon is actually pretty good. It’s just miserably outclassed by other whips in the game, mainly Hoslow’s Petal Whip.

Axe of Godrick (Godrick)- The only thing this weapon has going for it is a decent Ash of War that’s directly outclassed by two other Ashes of War. Otherwise, it has bad stats and a generic, uninteresting moveset.

C Tier

Grafted Dragon (Godrick)- Arguably the best fist weapon in the game with a really swell Ash of War. Fist weapons are unfortunately pretty niche, and like the others, having poor range and no status build up makes this difficult to invest in.

Rennala’s Full Moon (Rennala) – A perfectly fine spell, but directly outclassed by Ranni’s Dark Moon. Plus, you get this end game spell for an early game boss and definitely won’t be able to use it when you first access it. Questionable PvP value.

Rykard’s Rancor (Rykard)- Not worth using by itself, but can combo very nicely with certain spells such as Ancient Death Rancor or Elden Stars. Does solid damage as well.

Bloodboon (Mohg) – A difficult spell to learn how to best utilize, with inconsistent damage output. If used correctly, it can easily bleed the target and cause major damage. Virtually worthless in PvP.

Burn, O’ Flame! (Fire Giant)- Inconsistent damage output with a high ceiling. Extremely inadvisable in PvP.

Scarlet Aeonia (Malenia) – Extremely volatile; can be absolutely clutch against some bosses, totally useless against others. Very risky to use in PvP due to how cumbersome it is.

Marika’s Hammer (Elden Beast) – Hammers in Elden Ring suck, but this one’s Ash of War is really solid. Has a chance to shine in PvE and PvP, but high Holy resistances found in late game PvE bosses sullies this somewhat.

B Tier

Lion Greatbow (Radahn)- Will be an absolute game changer against larger enemies, especially those who don’t move much such as Dragonlord Placidusax. Useless in PvP, difficult to use in PvE against smaller enemies, or agile opponents.

Ash of War: Wave of Darkness (Astel)- Powerful, but niche and risky to use.

Placidusax’s Ruin (Placidusax)- Powerful but costly and can be difficult to aim properly. Leaves the caster vulnerable while casting, but comes out fast and can end a fight in PvP while doing good damage in PvE, albeit without status build up like other dragon spells.

Hand of Malenia (Malenia)- A katana with devastating potential and no serious flaws, but it is outclassed by a handful of other options such as the Nagakiba, Rivers of Blood or Moonveil.

Sacred Relic Sword (Elden Beast)- The hands down best weapon in the entire game at wiping out a mob of enemies, which also makes it a very handy farming tool. It is sadly not as strong in single target situations such as most boss fights, and it is completely worthless in PvP.

A Tier

Carian Regal Scepter (Rennala)- The easiest high quality staff in the game to get, has an S scaling with Intelligence at max level. It does compete pretty heavily with other staffs which may be better for certain builds.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword (Morgott)- An overall fine weapon with a lot going for it. Great Ash of War, good overall stats and can be powerstanced with other strong weapons. It’s stat requirements are a tad high, but it otherwise has no serious flaws.

Black Blade (Maliketh)- Slightly cumbersome to use, but otherwise does a lot of damage and uniquely has built in Destined Death.

Axe of Godfrey (Hoarah Loux)- Very strong Strength weapon with an amazing Ash of War and solid buffed moveset. Unbuffed moveset is distinctly mediocre and it’s scaling still sucks, however.

Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker (Hoarah Loux)- Can be put on virtually any melee weapon and succeed. Does a lot of damage, has high stagger potential, and grants it’s user poise while casting. It can be jumped over and taken advantage of in PvP, but this doesn’t happen often enough to knock it down much.

Dragon King’s Cragblade (Placidusax)- Rare moveset with a destructive Ash of War. It uniquely gains a large boost in damage against Ancient Dragon enemies.

Fortisaxx’s Lightning Spear (Fortisaxx)- An all around better version of Ancient Dragon Lightning Spear, an already powerful Incantation.

S Tier

Starscourge Greatsword (Radahn)- Destructive weapons with a highly volatile Ash of War that boasts utility to boot. The only colossal weapon to not be negatively affected by Patch 1.07

Blasphemous Blade (Rykard)- Can be buffed by several very relevant buff spells or consumables all at once. The Ash of War not only deals a ton of damage and has good range, but greatly heals the user for each enemy hit. Even if not used, simply having it equipped will slightly heal the user each time an enemy dies. It does a ton of damage and has a ton of utility as well.

Maliketh’s Black Blade (Maliketh)- Simply put, the Ash of War is simple and does monstrous damage to the enemy while applying Destined Death. Patch 1.07 greatly buffed Destined Death even though it was already incredibly strong to begin with, making it much more valuable.

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear (Mohg)- Even against enemies with Bleed resist or immunity, the Ash of War does startlingly high damage. Against foes without this protection, it will simply destroy them on the spot. Like Blasphemous Blade, this has amazing synergy with buffing spells and items as well.

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