Watching “One Piece” For The First Time (Part 1): From Romance Dawn To The Alabasta Arc | Column from the Editor

Earlier this month, I started watching “One Piece” for the first time. I wanted a show that would last me, as I had a bad habit of getting invested in very good one- or two-season TV shows only to have them end. I also noticed that “One Piece” consistently ranked high in best anime lists of all time, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Since then, I’ve posted updates on InReview’s TikTok account, which have quickly become our most popular content on the app. Here is a roundup of the first batch of those TikToks.

My initial thoughts on the show:

My reaction to the One Piece fandom and the character development of Coby and Helmeppo:

My thoughts on the show’s Arlong Park arc:

My thoughts on the show’s Drum Island arc:


Wapol’s health care system in One Piece’s Drum Island arc brings out my own scars dealing with America’s health care system. #Wapol #OnePiece #DrumIsland #DrumKingdom #MonkeyDLuffy #Chopper #TheOnePieceIsReal #CanWeGetMuchHigher #greenscreen

♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

My thoughts on the show’s Alabasta arc:


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