A Lovely Historic Romance | “Mysteries of an Earl’s Daughter” by Samantha Holt (2022) Book Review

Thanks to Booksprout, the publisher and the author for providing an Advanced Reader Copy. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Here is yet another The Duchess’s Investigative Society story from Samantha Holt. Now that we are done with all the sisters, we are now following the Musgrave family who are cousins to the original Investigative Society’s sisters. 

Due to certain circumstances,  the Musgraves family is ousted from the palace by the Crown Prince and also given the cut from the London Society. So the family have retired to Bath, England, to lead an eventful life without the constraints of society. Also, each Musgrave sister is unique and unusual; this story is about Lady Clementine and her exploits with Lord Roman.

Lord Roman has always looked down upon the Musgraves family due to the scandals attached with their names. Owing to a promise he made to his dad about doing all things possible to ensure that their family reputation is unsullied and to make up for the indiscretion by one of their ancestors,  Roman thinks that Lady Clementine is not the ideal person for him to marry despite being attracted to her. 

What happens when they are thrown together by their meddling families? Will they act upon their attraction? If and how do they form a union? 

Both Roman and Clementine have certain misgivings and self-doubts that they need to overcome. These vulnerabilities in their otherwise strong personalities makes up for an endearing read about lovely, relatable people. They are also decent with certain flaws as well. Both harbor a doubt regarding their suitability for each other and are reluctant to voice out their feelings for each other. I loved reading their story and how they worked towards bridging their differences. 

Holt has once again proved why I like her writing. She has a wonderful writing style, always featuring mostly  likable  characters and I can’t wait to read more works of hers. 


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