A Sweet, Light And Lovely Read That Hooks You | “Mr. Grier and the Governess” by Sophie Barnes (2022) Book Review

As the name suggests, “Mr. Grier and the Governess” is the story of Olivia Poole, who is the governess to Grayson Grier’s ward and the relationship that develops between them. I mostly always like Sophie Barnes’ work but I can’t say that I’ve loved it. Having dived into this book with the same expectation, I got a pleasant surprise — I absolutely loved this book and its characters.

There are also a few things in this book that I thought are very refreshing; for one, there are no cruel characters in it. There are some controlling and selfish people but they are exceptionally common; they are not over-the-top characters put in the story just to increase dramatic value. Another wonderful thing about this book is that both the male and female leads are well past ideal marrying age. It was lovely to read a romance between people approaching middle age — one in the late thirties and the other of early forties — and the passionate love between them. In fact, there is also a small, sweet romance between another couple in their sixties, which runs like a sweet melody in the background.

Olivia is sensible, mature, straightforward and a woman of gumption. She doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind and has a classy dignity about her. I found her very likable except in the few instances she jumped to hasty conclusions. Grier is an honorable man of great upbringing but he has his demons to overcome and has to learn again how to live his life with verve. In fact, both of them feel adrift in the world and are trying to do best by their responsibilities. Both of their personalities and experiences in life meld well together to give a wonderful reading experience. A special mention is needed for Juliana, Grier’s ward — she is such a delightful and interesting character. I adored her and would love to read a book about her.

This book is of a much longer length than the other books of her I have read. Despite that, the author managed to capture my interest and hold my attention completely. There is a depth to the story; particularly the way the leads’ relationship develops that is completely natural. It makes for a sweet, light and lovely read which hooks you in. Barnes has a talent for telling sweet and intense love stories and I can’t wait to read her next work.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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