My Predictions For “Arcane: League of Legends” Season 2 | Column from the Editor

With Season 2 of “Arcane: League of Legends” in production, here are my predictions for it. Spoilers for Season 1 are ahead.

Piltover will be invaded by outside forces

Ambessa Medarda (Ellen Thomas), mother of councilwoman Mel Medarda (Toks Olagundoye) alluded to the fact that news of Piltover’s issue with its undercity has spread, making it look weak and vulnerable to attack. She’s also in town hoping to get her hands on the city’s Hextech technology, in hopes of using it against her enemies. But her involvement obviously must change after the events of Season one, in which Jinx’s (Ella Purnell) rocket is last seen hurtling into the city’s council chambers, presumably about to kill everyone inside, her daughter included.

This should leave a power vacuum in Piltover, as well as internal upheaval, which would be the perfect conditions for Ambessa to step in and take the Hextech. Her daughter also makes the matter personal for her.

I think at some point, Piltover will be invaded by outside forces, either by Ambessa, or some other country.

Viktor will save Jayce

Season 1 ended with a rocket headed straight for the council, but I do think at least one council member will live: Jayce Talis (Kevin Alejandro). Jayce is an interesting character and is perhaps the only person other than Cecil B. Heimerdinger (Mick Wingert) who can lead the city. We also don’t know where is best friend, Viktor (Harry Lloyd) is before the attack, so my intuition is telling me that, at the last second, Viktor is going to emerge from nowhere in his metal form to protect Jayce from harm.

With the council out of the way, Piltover would be free from its weakness, as Ambessa described them. Jayce is also key to the progression of Hextech, as he functions as Viktor’s other half; his spontaneous insights and administrative prowess into the implementation of the technology are vital.

I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if he spends much of Season 2 sidelined or injured, opening the door for Ambessa to weaponize Hextech.

Heimerdinger will be redeemed

Former Councilor Cecil B. Heimerdinger fell from grace last season, but ended it by facing the ramifications of his failed leadership in regards to the undercity, and he’s already forced a key alliance with the Firelights.

I don’t think he will or should have his position as leader of Piltover restores, but I do think he will be redeemed.

All-out war with the undercity

The great tragedy of Season 1’s tragedy is that, with a single council vote, Piltover was about to give the undercity exactly what it wanted by giving it the means to its future. With Jinx taking out the council, that can’t happen anymore.

There will be war in the undercity — what Jinx did is infinitely worse than the initial job her and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) did as kids that got their surrogate father killed. There is no way Piltover will let them off the hook.

Jinx has to die

Jinx passed the point of no return last season. There is no way she’s getting out of the show alive, after presumably killing at least most of the council members. She might have an arc that redeems her emotionally, like Darth Vader’s last few scenes in “Return of the Jedi,” there is no way for the city to move forward as long as she’s there.

Ekko will play a larger role

Ekko (Reed Shannon) was mostly a side character until he was revealed to be the leader of the Firelights, and he’s forged a key bond with Heimerdinger. While I don’t think Jayce will be killed off next season, I also don’t think he’ll be the one that ultimately leads the city when everything is said and done.

I have a strong feeling that Piltover and the undercity’s path forward is not to exist separately, but to actually function as one. Piltover had been an oppressive force for years, but I think it needs its undercity.

I think Ekko will be the one that ultimately leads both cities, when the dust settles. He’s the only leader in the show that’s not blinded by prejudice, and is open to change and working with others. He wasn’t perfect last season, but I think his time with Heimerdinger will make him into the leader both cities need.

What are your predictions for Season 2?


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