A Fast-Paced, Intricate, Sci-Fi Spy Thriller | “The Syndicate Spy” by Brittany Butler (2023) Book Review

“The Syndicate Spy” is a book that didn’t seem like something I would usually opt to read. Still, it looked appealing to me because it is a story about female spies set in the futuristic world, written by former spy, recruiter and trainer Brittany Butler. Despite this, I was still skeptical; being a good spy doesn’t necessarily make you a great author, after all. Thankfully, she put this notion to bed.

This book centers predominantly on the life of Juliet Arroway as she tries to achieve her self-imposed goal of stopping a war spurred by access to alternative energy (the Earth’s oil reserves have been depleted at this point). She has also been the mentor of Mariam, a progressive Saudi princess she had recruited many years ago.

After a peculiar turn of events involving a number of terror attacks across the world, a member of Mariam’s family is suspected as the main instigator of the war. Juliet is paired with FBI agent Graham to find out the actual culprit and figure out a way to prevent the outbreak of another war.

Butler has woven an intricate and mind-blowing tale of deception, double-crosses, heroism and female empowerment. Through Juliet and Mariam, she has created independent, self-assured and self-sufficient women who want to change the world.

There are also some interesting twists throughout the story that make it an enjoyable read. The book’s climax was in some ways slightly preposterous, but the rest of the story was so very well told that I didn’t mind it.

I very much recommend this book to people who would like to read a complex and intricate spy thriller.

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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