A Vote Of Confidence: “The Batman” 2021 Trailer Analysis | Column from the Editor

Seeing really is believing. While I already had full confidence in Robert Pattinson as an actor, the trailer for 2021's "The Batman" has given me full confidence in his version of Bruce Wayne.  While it's easy to manipulate trailers to make the films they promote seem competent — "Man of Steel" comes to mind — what we got... Continue Reading →

Aquaman will probably dissapoint

"Man of Steel" disappointed. "Batman v. Superman" bombed in a spectacular fashion. "Suicide Squad" bombed. "Wonder Woman" was genuinely good. And "Justice League" was just ok. And now we have "Aquaman." Oh, Aquaman. "My man!" as Jason Momoa's bafoonish testosterone-induced version of the character would say. But you're not my man. You're no one's man.... Continue Reading →

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