Top 10 Good Things About The “Twilight” Saga | Column from the Critic

Before we begin, I wanted to get take a minute to mention the real-life Quileute tribe whose culture was an inspiration for the show. While the films brought attention to the real-life town of Forks, Washington, the tribe hasn't seen the same benefit. And with that, I want to promote the Quileute Move to Higher... Continue Reading →

Ja Ja Ding Dong | “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” 2020 Netflix Movie Review 

Not many successful musical comedies exist on film, and that's because both genres must strike a precarious balance. "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga", a Netflix film that was partially funded by the Icelandic government merges a very average Will Ferrell comedy with legitimately good music numbers through the vehicle of the Eurovision Song Contest.  As such,... Continue Reading →

Mamma Mia! 2 is a goofy, fun time

Here we go again. When I first saw that subtitle for the new “Mamma Mia!” film, I read it with some contempt. Memories of Pierce Brosnan and pre-"Into The Woods" Meryl Streep singing plagued my memories, and I couldn't sleep. I put “Mamma Mia!” 2 on my most anticipated summer movies list only because I... Continue Reading →

Aquaman will probably dissapoint

"Man of Steel" disappointed. "Batman v. Superman" bombed in a spectacular fashion. "Suicide Squad" bombed. "Wonder Woman" was genuinely good. And "Justice League" was just ok. And now we have "Aquaman." Oh, Aquaman. "My man!" as Jason Momoa's bafoonish testosterone-induced version of the character would say. But you're not my man. You're no one's man.... Continue Reading →

The war on nuance

One of the things I was taught in school to be wary of was absolutism, and it was good advice. Absolutism is all around us and it is only fueled by the online world, especially in the world of politics, and it can be extremely dangerous, and can inflict dire consequences. In many ways, I... Continue Reading →

Bullets can’t stop the truth

Journalists regularly face grave danger, especially overseas in war zones, and in countries where the government does not respect freedom of the press. The very nature of the craft, which shines light on corruption, afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted, often times puts journalists at odds with very dangerous people. I am sad to... Continue Reading →

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