A Great Tragic Tale Of Advanced Capitalism, Cybernetic Enhancements And The Crushing Greed Of Duopoly | “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” Season 1 (2022) Netflix Series Review

In anime, the notions of being special and exceeding your limits in order to get stronger are popular especially in the pages of "Shonen Jump," where many mainstream anime find their start as manga. "Dragon Ball Z" and "Black Clover" are two poignant examples where exceeding one's own limits is a particularly important theme and plot... Continue Reading →

Interesting And Weird, But Not Among Netflix’s Best | “Behind Her Eyes” 2021 Netflix Series Review

One of the things I love the most about Netflix is that they're not afraid to produce and feature interesting shows other platforms might see as a risk, as while not every one of these projects succeeds, they certainly are interesting. Steve Lightfoot and Erik Richter Strand's "Behind Her Eyes" is one such project, having an interesting concept,... Continue Reading →

This One Completely Missed The Cuckoo’s Nest | “Ratched” Season 1 2020 Netflix Series Review

It's hard for television and movie producers to leave great works alone, even 45 years after they initially released. The temptation to make unnecessary prequels, sequels and spinoffs on anything with a recognizable name is particular hard hard to ignore in 2020, where such media still dominates the market. Enter "Ratched", whose first standard 8-episode... Continue Reading →

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