Like It Or Not, Sony’s Sliver Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Here To Stay | Column from the Editor

With the release of "Morbius", we're officially three films into Sony's Spider-Man Universe -- formerly Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. That's technically four, if you count "Spider-Man: No Way Home" because of its post-credit scene featuring Tom Hardy's Eddy Brock/Venom. What began as a highly unorthodox and widely criticized move with 2018's "Venom", in... Continue Reading →

Will Marvel Ever Fail? | Column from the Editor

With "Spider-Man: Far From Home" crossing the $1 billion line at the box office and "Avengers: Endgame" being the highest grossing movie of all time, plenty of pundits have questioned if and when Marvel Studios will fail. You'll find plenty of these pieces online, comparing the industry's current superhero movie trend to that of westerns,... Continue Reading →

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