“Aquaman” Is Actually Pretty Good | “Aquaman” (2018) Movie Review

As a critic, especially when you get into the terrible business of predicting what may be in the popular franchise products of Marvel, DC and Star Wars, you open yourself up to bad takes, especially when you're predicting something will fail. Such is the case of my 2018 column about the then-upcoming "Aquaman" movie, in... Continue Reading →

Aquaman will probably dissapoint

"Man of Steel" disappointed. "Batman v. Superman" bombed in a spectacular fashion. "Suicide Squad" bombed. "Wonder Woman" was genuinely good. And "Justice League" was just ok. And now we have "Aquaman." Oh, Aquaman. "My man!" as Jason Momoa's bafoonish testosterone-induced version of the character would say. But you're not my man. You're no one's man.... Continue Reading →

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