A Great Tragic Tale Of Advanced Capitalism, Cybernetic Enhancements And The Crushing Greed Of Duopoly | “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” Season 1 (2022) Netflix Series Review

In anime, the notions of being special and exceeding your limits in order to get stronger are popular especially in the pages of "Shonen Jump," where many mainstream anime find their start as manga. "Dragon Ball Z" and "Black Clover" are two poignant examples where exceeding one's own limits is a particularly important theme and plot... Continue Reading →

Black Noir Vs. Butcher, Homelander Vs. The World | “The Boys” Season 2, Episode 5: “We Gotta Go Now” Review

Season 2 further highlights that "The Boys" really wasn't suited for a weekly release schedule, as the show's story feels more like a really long movie than an episodic adventure. Spoilers ahead. This episode sees Homelander (Antony Starr) lose control over his public image when a video of him killing an innocent bystander surfaces online and... Continue Reading →

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