Top Nine “What If…?” Episodes | Column from the Critic

Season One of "Marvel's 'What If...?'" has been completed for some time; and in that time, I've been able to think more about each episode. And like I said in my piece on episodic reviewing, I took the time to look over the past season and rank each episode. The placement of each episode comes... Continue Reading →

A League of Their Own | “Marvel’s What If … ?” Season 1, Episode 9, “What If … The Watcher Broke His Oath” Review

Critic's Note: While I've covered spoilers before in previous episodes I've reviewed, this one will be going over the post-credit scene. And here we are at the season finale. The show started as a series of alternate MCU scenarios that showed how the events of "Loki" and "WandaVision" unraveled the multiverse in the post-Infinity Saga... Continue Reading →

Killmonger Rises | “Marvel’s What If … ?” Season 1: Episode 6 “What If … Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?” Review

Ever since the first trailer, this was one of the scenarios many Marvel fans (myself included) have been anticipating from the series. The shot of Killmonger and a Stark Industries missile in the horizon set the tone for this series and showed fans how endless the possibilities were. While on the fateful Afghanistan trip that... Continue Reading →

Will Marvel Ever Fail? | Column from the Editor

With "Spider-Man: Far From Home" crossing the $1 billion line at the box office and "Avengers: Endgame" being the highest grossing movie of all time, plenty of pundits have questioned if and when Marvel Studios will fail. You'll find plenty of these pieces online, comparing the industry's current superhero movie trend to that of westerns,... Continue Reading →

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